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How to make TikTok playlists?

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How to make TikTok playlists

Making TikTok Playlists

Step by step tutorials

Learn How to create a playlist on TikTok, It is very simple to do.

The first thing you want to do is to make sure your account is set as a business account or creator account. You can check that out under “manage account”.

You will see the feature added to your account as “Sort videos into playlists” on your video selection screen. All you do is tap that, it will ask you to “name your playlists”, name it however you want and then you can add all the videos that you want to that selected playlist. You can also change the order of what videos you want to come first in the playlist, which is very cool, and then you can create it.

Once your playlist is created wit ill show up on the bar above your videos and you can select that playlist and edit it at any time you want. If you want to add more videos to it you can do it in the playlist selection editor.

That’s it, a quick and short tutorial on how the playlist feature work on TikTok.

How to make TikTok playlists

How to create TikTok playlists

You could create playlists on TikTok and organize similar videos that you make into a playlist or folder so it is easy for people to find it. So I wanted to make this quick video to show you How to create a playlist on TikTok. First, on your profile page on TikTok you will see the feature activated by default: Sort videos into playlists. I got the option at 200K followers, but it varies from user to user.

To create a playlist you can press this right here, press “create a playlist” – Give your playlist a descriptive name and it will bring you to a page where you can customize. You can change the order as you like.If you later refresh the page on your profile you will see it. If you don’t have that option, try growing your account and getting more followers. Or go under. your settings menu and search for “TikTok testers”, it will give you a Beta version of the app where new releases are available to more people. Other than that just wait until it becomes available to the mainstream.

How to create a playlist on TikTok

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